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WP ACF-VC Bridge Review: The Plugin That Has It All

This particular plugin combines two separate plugins into a single giant. By combining the powers of Visual Composer and Advanced Custom Fields, the WP ACF-VC bridge has everything you would want from a plugin. WP ACF-VC Bridge includes ACF PRO plugin ($25 worth) that makes it an awesome deal … https://goo.gl/TDG61D


Essential – The Minimalist WordPress Theme Review

Essential is a modern minimalist theme in the WordPress market and it is perfect for any website designer who has a love for something that is simple and sophisticated. Let us explore more about this theme and the features it is embedded with.
What is the Essential Theme?
Essential is a… https://goo.gl/fYT2P3

7 Tips to Beat the Hackers Who Want to Destroy Your WordPress Site

Hackers are the vandals of the Internet. They get their kicks by defacing and wreaking carnage on your property, in this case, your website. That they ruin your hard work is bad enough, but when that results in a loss of income, it can be soul destroying.

Just as a burglar will take advantage… https://goo.gl/KmtKTP

Now You Can Create Facebook Apps with WordPress!

Just as the title of this review suggests, you can use now install and activate a plugin called “Create Facebook Apps with WordPress” and just as the name of the plugin suggests, you can use this plugin to create a Facebook app centered around your website. Isn’t it an amazing concept? The… https://goo.gl/tjcCJp

Image Map Pro Review: An Amazing Way to Step Up Your Image Game on WordPress

Created in 2012, the Image Map Pro plugin is an innovative and advanced method for creating a map. It is the most effective way to offer visitors a highly interactive experience using images which are customized by the website developer. The Image Map Pro plugin includes an easy to use interface… https://goo.gl/vX5Eyt

Newspaper Theme Review: The Best-Selling Blog, News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Newspaper is the best WordPress theme for the publishing industry and the best-selling blog, news, and magazine template of all time. Developed by tagDiv, a Power Elite Envato author, Newspaper comes packed with premium features, amazing designs, a one-of-a-kind live editing tool, and what I… https://goo.gl/Ac8mt1

My Favorite 3 WordPress Theme Packages Reviewed

A WordPress theme pack is a collection of themes which can be bought as a package. Theme packs are a money-saving option for developers who build multiple websites in a short span of time. Some WordPress theme packs charge a recurring fee, while others offer lifetime access with a single… https://goo.gl/kuCW7M