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Top 10 WordPress Backup Plugins for Websites in [year]

The biggest fear faced by any businessman, today, is waking up and realizing that his website has been hacked and the all the data collected over the years is now lost. More than 30,000 websites get hacked every day. With that being said, it becomes more important to keep a data backup. You… https://goo.gl/GZPE8F


Why Should your WordPress Business have an Affiliate Disclosure page?

Most bloggers having a WordPress website do not set up blogs with the intention of making money. It is usually just an opportunity for you to share some insight or become an authority within a niche.

However, hours of maintenance, writing, and editing quickly build up. You begin to wonder if… https://goo.gl/4tVVE3

Best WordPress Adsense Themes To Increase Profits Instantly

WordPress is one of the most efficient, popular platforms for fast websites. There are constant updates for making WordPress better. However, every person who decides to make a website needs to decide and make a choice between WordPress .com and org, domain name, hosting and theme.

While… https://goo.gl/W5QyF9

Hostinger Review: Cheap WordPress Hosting Provider

When choosing a web hosting service provider you obviously consider factors like price, features, and speed.

This review offers a quick rundown of the hosting services offered by Hostinger. The review also offers a brief yet comprehensive description of each package. The goal is to help… https://goo.gl/vML4Qr

weForms Review – Create Contact Forms In Easiest & Fastest Way!

Whether you have a personal blog or business running with WordPress, a contact forms plugin is a must despite its function or traffic. And when it comes to choosing a WordPress forms plugin, users already have plenty of options out there. But there aren’t a lot of responsive and feature rich… https://goo.gl/YC2n82

WordPress Plugins: How Many Are Too Many and Why To Use Fewer?

So how many WordPress Plugins are too many? If you spend time on blogging related forums, this question comes up quite often. Just as often as the question comes up, so too are the various answers. After just going through a major headache of a nightmarish WordPress upgrade for a client I have… https://goo.gl/58RVZX

20 Best WordPress Architect Themes

Starting an online business is a bit confusing at times. Make a website, select server, and theme and add your architecture work. While other processes are easy, selecting the right theme for your business is quite frustrating. You need to choose a choice that fits your needs. To save you with… https://goo.gl/HDrh12