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There is something special about Black and White images, Monochrome images ‘can’ be more archival and these images suit some decors better than color. Why would I wish to dive into digital monochrome? There are a number of reasons, look at my collection and decide yourself.

1. I See Dead… https://goo.gl/nnh3Cx


First impressions matter online. Nowadays, online customers judge websites based on their “look and feel” which basically implies that creating a site with a good design matter so much. In fact, research conducted at the Missouri University of Science and Technology has revealed that online… https://goo.gl/G1YjMR

Are you looking for a high CTR WordPress theme? 

Here it’s ClickRight.

ClickRight is well coded and well-delivered WordPress template by ThemeBounce. ThemeBounce WordPress themes mainly focus on delivering an easy reading experience and increasing your Ad revenue.

Yes, I know, today’s trend… https://goo.gl/Xiyk93

Marketers believe that email is one of the best channels to promote businesses, and that’s true. Approximate emails sent per day so far in 2017 is around 269 billion. People prefer to receive not only personal messages but also promotional content via email. The WordPress platform offers an… https://goo.gl/Ux7FYu

Think about your workplace. How’s the communication? Do you have to send a flurry of “just following up” emails before you get the response you need from a co-worker? Do you feel comfortable greeting others by name when you walk through the door in the morning, even if they’re from different… https://goo.gl/t715fV

Created by and for the public, WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) platforms available for beginners. This easy-to-use Content Management System allows the user to make desired changes without the need to touch complicated codes.

So, if you are planning to take… https://goo.gl/dt8p6U

While the primary goal of a CDN is to improve website access speed, there are also several surprising secondary benefits

Speed kills. Speed matters. For any blog, website, or application, content delivery speed is one of the things that can make it or break it for users. Studies show that… https://goo.gl/xQgR89