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Once the WordPress Multisite setup is completed, you can use a custom domain for your blog, such as WPCouponCode.com, instead of the default address you get when you sign up, like example.wparena.com. This is called Domain Mapping; it’s a paid feature of WordPress.com.

Further, if you are… https://goo.gl/a9rPPi

WordPress is improving in each of its updates visually and functionally. Navigating the dashboard is a little different, but if you have spent any amount of time with earlier WordPress versions, then it shouldn’t take long to figure it out. WordPress sidebars have had a major change with version… https://goo.gl/G1GtUY

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that helps you to control the contents without any technical background easily. However, this is a multi-functioned key to open all the doors for you. If you want people to find your contents easily, then deep research and knowledge about… https://goo.gl/T3CGJy

How many plugins have you either installed or tried out before creating all sorts of forms for your blog? I’m referring to, surveys, polls, lead forms, contact forms, quiz forms and many more. I have great news for you, I have found the perfect plugin that does all of this and the plugin is…

You’re sophisticated enough to know that building your business’s online real estate takes more than just renting domain name and hosting services and slapping up some content. A well-thought strategy is the key to maximizing your web presence to promote your company and increase sales. However,… https://goo.gl/yEQrpY

Does your blog need a slider to make the theme a lot better or to display lot’s of images you upload? There are a lot of ways one can use a slider plugin to showcase images on their blog. Finding a good slider plugin is the problem. There are a couple of free slider plugins that we here at… https://goo.gl/PoAmoE

WordPress 4.8 is in RC (Release Candidate) phase and will be released very shortly. This is a small release that focus’ really on three main things. Although the WordPress community has already squashed 50 bugs so far and still counting. Here is what the focus of this release is about, the…